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Delivery Instructions
Receiving Instructions
Traditional & Electronic Fund Transfer (Same Bank)
Fund Transfer
You can transfer funds in the following banks & provide evidence by sending us scanned copy of cheque & deposit slip by email OR send original deposit slip & cheque through courier.
If you use internet banking, you can deposit funds electronically in the below mentioned banks and provide us the evidence of funds transfer through email by sending us the screenshot of e-receipt/e-banking statement reflecting (Source account, amount ,client code transaction number/ instrument number & Foundation securities bank account number etc) at or call us at 0800-87233 for further information.
Alternatively you can transfer funds through an ATM; from your registered bank account and provide us the scanned copy of ATM slip.
Note : Cash deposit in excess of Rs 25,000/- is not allowed as per PSX rules & regulations.
Third party transactions (deposits from spouse account, sole proprietorship account and any other company cheques) are also not acceptable. Funds must be transferred from the main applicant account and joint account holder’s account only.
Bank Details  
You can also mail your Cheque or Payorder at the following address:
Foundation Securities (Pvt.) Limited.
Ground Floor, Bahria Complex II,
M.T. Khan Road, Karachi-74000, Pakistan